Woodmere Water Damage Restoration

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We’re There in Woodmere, NY For Water Cleanup, Mold Remediation, Flood Damage And Other Property Emergencies

Woodmere, NY, is still a place where its 17,000 residents rely on their neighbors to protect their properties from disaster, notably through their volunteer fire and ambulance services. Not everyone can protect you from Mother Nature’s wrath, whether they are the flooding rains of August 2011 that buffeted Long Island or the more recent devastation from Hurricane Sandy. When it comes to natural disasters and other sources of property destruction, it’s how speedily and professionally you respond to undo damage from water, fire and smoke. NYC Duct Mold Water Cleanup is on call 24 hours to respond to emergencies, and they’ll bring with them a full array of tools, talent and technology, ranging from water cleanup, water restoration and flood damage repair to air duct cleaning and mold inspection. If mold is detected through our testing procedures, we’ll rid your environment of an invasive health threat through the process of mold remediation.

What You Can’t See Really Can Hurt You

You could say that wherever you have recurrent moisture, including continuing high humidity, there is the likelihood of mold. Mold doesn’t need sunlight to exist, which means it is almost always in the dark and unseen, feeding on wood and drywall inside a structure. You’ve got to find it to get rid of it, and we’ll do both. Duct cleaning is another one of our services that is often not triggered by an emergency, but it can reach emergency proportions if dust and spores amass in them over the years, being released as particles into the air being breathed. That means that you need to know how to clean up after a flood, drying out all affected areas, including carpets, baseboards and flooring, and we’ve got the equipment and training to do it right.

What We Mean by Water Restoration

It goes beyond cleaning up the mess, because water damage means there is the need for repair and rejuvenation. That can be floors, walls and doors. Cleaning and disinfecting carpets and basements also play a role in water restoration when needed.