Staten Island Water Damage Restoration

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Hey, Staten Island! We Combat Water Damage – Cleanup through Repair – and We’re on Call 24 Hours a Day!

From North Shore to South Shore and East Shore to West Shore, NYC Duct Mold Water Cleanup is there for you to combat water damage and storm damage – and we’ll also be there for fire and smoke cleanup, mold removal and duct cleaning. Your property, whether it’s your home or business, will be as good as new after any emergency strikes, including increasingly common hurricanes and floods. Hurricane Sandy was a testament to the destructive force of nature and the water damage left behind in its wake. If it took a year for the F.D.R. Boardwalk to reopen, with a massive storm cleanup and repair effort behind it, flood restoration for your residence or office will certainly require the responsive, professional service we can provide throughout Staten Island. Property emergencies come in all guises, and the expertise, training and technology of the team at NYC Duct Mold Water Cleanup will help you quickly rebound from natural disasters, as well as plumbing calamities and electrical fires.

We’ll Protect Your Health by Vanquishing What You Can’t See

There’s a reason why “duct” and “mold” are prominent in our business name. They represent two intruders in your home, potential threats to the health of your family, that thrive away from the light of day. Dirt, dust and bacteria accumulate in air ducts that heat and cool your property. Forced air intended to bring you comfort can end up as spores and particles in the air that you to breathe in while awake or sleeping. We’ve got the qualified experts in both mold testing and mold treatment, and the end result is mold remediation, or total removal of this toxic health threat from the environment in which you live and work.

It’s About Getting Back on Track and Peace of Mind

Richmond County residents, whether you live in Old Town, Pleasant Plains or Sunnyside, may find your life disrupted, even brought to a halt, by the devastation of flooding, water damage and even health issues that may arise from what you can’t see after the initial mess is cleaned up. Our job is not just flood restoration, water cleanup and repair and mold treatment to keep this toxic growth from coming back. We bring you peace of mind with minimal interruptions to your life and business.